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Moving Your Students from One Class to Another in Log It or the Kids Quiz

Follow the directions below if you are doing Log It or the Kids Quiz for another year and you want to move students to another class. These directions are for the teacher who has kids moving from one grade to the next and these students used the program last year and want to continue to do so. There is some work involved for both a teacher and a student to complete this process.

Important: If your students do change classes they will start their class hike over again with that class. The only way to keep the hike going from last year is if they stay in the same class.

Teacher Directions:

First you must create a new class for students to join. To do this, follow these directions:

1. Log In to the site by entering your user name and password
2. Click on Manage Classes
3. Click on Create New Classes link
4. Complete the Information in those boxes (class name, etc.) Click Submit.
5. Click Proceed to Log It if it asks you to do this.
6. Log back in and then Click on Manage Classes
7. Click on the class in which the student resides
8. Find the student's name, and click "drop from group" check box.
9. Click the Drop Selected Members button at the bottom of that page. This action will turn the student into an "individual user" and the student will now need to follow the directions below which are provided next.

Student Directions: (or if you, as the teacher, know the students user name and password you can pretend to be the student and do this for them).

1. Now the student must request to be in this new class and you will need to approve his/her request.
2. Student needs to Log In to the site using their user name and password
3. Click on Edit Profile
4. From the drop down menu choose student instead of individual
5. Click submit button
6. On the next page click on the "Select New Group" Button
7. On the next page complete the answers making sure the organization type is School and not a Business.
8. Select your country
9. Select your state
10. Select your school
11. Select the new class that you wish to join. Click Request to Join new Group/Class
12. From the next screen choose the new class name that was created by your teacher
13. Click the "Request to Join New Class" Button

Please tell your teacher that you have done this and are waiting for them to approve your request to join the new class.

After the student completes these directions the teacher needs to accept the student into his/her class.

Final Teacher Directions to Approve the Students Request to Join a New Class:

1. The teacher must now log in using their user name and password
2. Click on Manage Classes
3. Click on the Join Request Icon next to your classes.
4. Click accept or reject next to the student's request to join. Click Submit.


If you have questions, please call Mark Manross in Virginia at 540-953-1043 or email him at “”.


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